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The i am me story

Why we got started. 

Our founder, Claire, has always been passionate about wellbeing and as a result of growing up with an alcohol dependent parent, Claire felt the need to take control of her own mental health and wellbeing from a young age.

Claire’s career over the last 10 years has been focused on supporting young people, helping them build employability skills whilst in school, college and university,  supporting them with their move from education into the commercial world. During this time, Claire has seen a real shift in the way young people view themselves, in terms of their self belief, confidence and ability to cope when things don't go according to plan. 


So, after two years of research into the area of mental health, embarking on a Masters in Psychology, numerous focus groups with young people, discussions with schools, and with the help of professionals in the field of mental health, i am me was created. 

Our supporters and founding sponsor.


As Head of Next Gen Development and Innovation for The Linac Group, Claire felt it was vital that the business used its 20+ years of global learning and development experience to support young people in a not-for-profit capacity. Claire believes that all employers of young talent have a responsibility to support mental health and wellbeing from a young age, taking a more preventative approach that will benefit all in the long run.

Claire’s enthusiasm for this cause is infectious, and i am me now has a team of high-profile public figures who specialise in the area of wellbeing, volunteers and company partnerships in place that share her passion for supporting young people in a not-for-profit capacity. 

Educating, enabling and empowering young people is possible only by ensuring that the content we produce is accurate and offers sound advice. That's why we work with a number of charities that specialise in supporting young people during challenging times, as well as teen Samaritans, GPs, mental health advisors, nutritionists, psychologists and counsellors.

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