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Wellbeing support for your current & future talent. 

The costs associated with the number of days businesses lose due to stress, anxiety and depression is having a huge impact on economies. Employers are seeing more and more of their employees struggling to cope during challenging times. Through educating and empowering young people to understand how they can take an active role in looking after their own mental health and wellbeing, you are supporting the future of your business and the future of our economy.

The i am me app is being used by a number of organisations as part of the on-boarding process and employee engagement for its early career’s talent.

The initiative offers essential support for those transitioning from education into employment. It helps them to develop the right mind set, the lifelong tools and capabilities to cope during challenging times, and ultimately thrive in a working environment.

Covering a range of themes relevant to those between the age of 11 and 24, the FREE app includes, self-help tools including a mood indicator, personal development tips, stress tracker, plus specialist tools, tips, articles and coaching content that help young people to address any underlying difficulties and establish a new approach and outlook that supports their mental health and wellbeing.

Supporting your young employees through Covid-19

Now more than ever, young people need to support themselves and invest time in taking a proactive approach towards their mental health.

The app is a great tool that can be used to support your young talent during this challenging time, to help limit any feelings of isolation and help maintain a level of support and connection. We’ve also made it even easier for young people to find the articles in particular that will support them at the moment. Just search ‘Covid-19’ in the search function on the app and a whole host of articles will appear.

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Meaningfully engage with schools & support i am me. 

By becoming an i am me supporter you are helping to ensure that ALL young people have an opportunity to understand more about how they can play an active part in supporting their own mental health and wellbeing. You will create a meaningful point of difference when it comes to your engagement with Schools, Colleges and Universities as you are offering much more than just an insight into careers, by supporting and encouraging the use of a FREE resource to help tackle mental health conditions, a vital topic in education.

Extend your reach

You will benefit from extensive reach through our Global initiative supporting 11-24 year olds with no impact on your resource or time. This means you will subsequently be supporting the wellbeing of ALL young people, not just those that go on to work for you. This resource can also benefit any parents within your organisation, acting as a support tool for home. 

Support future & existing talent

The topic areas covered on the app have been identified by our young advisors and are there to help more young people cope during challenging times, building that all-important resilience. By becoming a supporter you can actively promote and encourage your early careers applicants and existing talent to make use of this resource. This in turn supports your existing talent. It prepares future applicants for the world of work, helping you to avoid loss of applicants and new hires due to a sense of feeling overwhelmed. 

Gain insights & data

Powerful insights & data are available that will inform the creation of your own development offering helping you to understand more about the needs of your young talent.  Talk to us about how we can create unique company logins and bespoke content areas on the app. 

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