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Hear from our supporters

City College Norwich 

At City College Norwich, we help students to understand their feelings and emotions by using the i am me app.


The app has proved a real benefit to young people, educating them about their mental health and empowering them to take control of their mental health and wellbeing.

The app is a wonderful resource for our students, but we are also working alongside founder Claire Libby to create a student forum to help more young people learn about their mental health and empower them.


The forum will allow young people to engage with people their own age and for our students to engage with younger children to discuss the impact of mental health and how they can learn to support themselves and their wellbeing from a young age by using the App.

- Charlotte, Events and Activities Supervisor

Alex Monroe

Mental health in young people is something that is incredibly important to me.


I had a difficult time growing up in the 1970’s and I struggled with gender identity in a world that didn’t seem to have a place for me. I’m only just beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin and I wonder if things might have been different if I had i am me when I was growing up.


Now I have three children of my own and my middle daughter is having a difficult time with anorexia. The world today is a really tough place for young people. They need all the help they can get and I think i am me is taking exactly the right approach.

- Alex Monroe, Jewellery designer 

Global Tech Company

Having worked in early careers recruitment and development for many years, I believe this will become an indispensable tool to support each individual on their journey. 


Although there is a wealth of information out there, the i am me app will provide a complete set of resources covering all the key issues and challenges that young people have identified. 


This is a real game changer.

- Dan, Senior Early Careers Manager, Global Tech Company

Pate's Grammar School

The i am me app is a fantastic tool that is enabling our students to understand, manage and develop their personal wellbeing.


Launched to all year groups, 7 to 13, earlier in the year, it has prompted several students to come together to act as ambassadors for the app in the school, promoting it's use and to discuss ways that it can be made even more accessible.


The i am me app provides a format for us to offer support that extends beyond the school day; invaluable in challenging times.

- Emma, Head Personal Development Curriculum, Pate's Grammar School


The  i am me app is innovative, creative and interactive.


It enables children and young people to live their best lives by encouraging them to decide on the values they wish to live by, and by sharing information and tools to equip them with vital life skills that will better enable them to cope when life doesn’t go to plan. 

- Judith, Director of Clinical Services, TIC+

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